I am Der Psychotisch Bear and this is my dungeon space. Posts will include; rants, lyrics, and encoding for a future book.

21st August 2014








5th June 2014

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4th June 2014

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Shout out to that random person who followed me and reminded me I had one of these

4th June 2014


As I lay my head down to sleep, I offer Cthulhu what remains of my sanity to keep. I woke up yesterday without realizing it. Spent a whole day in a dream. This is a one man team. Got a hole in my heart it would seem. Got a tarnished light that forgets it can gleam. Fight daemons and humans to blow off steam. In reality im fighting myself. I feel as useless as a fucking warrior belf. Forgot to wake up this morning of mourning. Hollowed out within and filled with liquid. I’m really just hella wicked.

4th June 2014


You see, I think every human gets a chance of salvatiom in their life. At a certain point when they have realized their full potential and noticed their abilities they can start anew and begin to fight the good fight and never back down. Or they can walk the dark path and peer into the eyes of insanity for amusement. At some point in our evolution the concept of choosing got skewed. We no longer thought we could choose. Our destinies were laid out before us. So we thought, but in reality we are always given a choice but with each choice comes a set of possibilities which all of them will be lived out. Maybe not in your universe or dimension but some where some one who is you in another universe will make that choice for you.

23rd April 2014


Anonymous said: Mother Russia is proud of you!

Da, mother russia loves all its children. Tainted by American blood or not

23rd April 2014



The older I get the more tame the bear inside me becomes. The more I realize that without order, chaos and anarchy would be no fun. Palm Beach County has put it unto perspective for me. All the years Tyler and I created anarchy and chaos with so much ease made me realize anarchy despite being fun is useless for real progress. Just like SLC Punk taught me, the best way to destroy a system is from the inside. In order for true anarchy and chaos to be obtained we first need order in our lives. Which brings me to my concept of pain. Pain isnt chaos or anarchy. Pain is order, it is a way of learning. Fact, pain was the first way we learned what not to fuck with and what to fuck with. Chaos and anarchy comes in when you deliver pain. Thats why fighting is the essence of life. Thats why I fight, to feel alive. When two men exchange fists they exchange a understanding in a primal way. War is the same, but it is disguised as order. War is ordered anarchy on a grand scale. When two countries of order go to war, anarchy and destruction left in its wake. America goes to war for order. We decided that we should deliver democracy to other countries, but all that does is leave anarchy when that country rejects democracy. Just because we make democracy “work” doesnt mean it works for everyone.

12th December 2013


Thought Train

I have a weird thought pattern. It has many different levels of processing going on at once usually and when it stops abruptly it all disappears. Many times I find myself thinking about seven different things and doing math in my head. I’m almost always doing math in my head. Just random shit. Like cubes and squares. Sometimes I just keep increasing the power and keep going ‘till the train stops. Its the same thing for my thoughts when I am typing a rant out or poetry even. I just let my fingers do what they do and they convey my thoughts. That’s why I love reading. My thoughts are all concentrated on whats going on. Same with coding. When, I’m coding I lose track of everything. Everything just makes sense and comes together so easily. Fighting is probably my brains best rest from the think train. I tend to fight based on instincts and use of the knowledge I have of fighting.

7th December 2013


here i go again, here i go again

lookin in the mirror

thinkin damn this life is a pain

thinkin what is it i fear here

thinkin where the fuck am i now

thinkin when am i gonna catch some light

thinkin why am i goin in circles like a trippin cow

thinkin out how i prefer the night

im a bear beating bastards till theyre barely breathin

im still only human, i have a capability of bleedin

step at me the wrong way, expect a quick fuckin bear claw

before there was anything to say, it’d knock you in your fuckin jaw

you forget, im a fuckin psycho

i was insane from the get go

in case you didnt know

i gotta hella mean hook like hellboy

i have a tendency to get mad like the hulk

theres a war goin on in my head

like the unstoppable force vs the immovable bulk

its not over till one of them is dead

be careful which you feed, one of them will conquer your mind

left for too long you may bleed, may get you caught up in a bind

sanity and soul sold to cthulhu, to help me know science

there are very few who are allowed in this alliance

even less who know their way through the dungeon

i got the world on my shoulders like im atlas

still tryna figure out my function

sometimes gettin lost in th blackness

5th December 2013


RANT(been a minute)

Since, we obviously will never be able to agree to a one world government among all of us who live on this single planet. I feel like we should work out a deal where we settle disputes through a series of tests. Where instead of killing off thousands of innocent lives we set up a sort of extreme Olympics where we go, let us get that oil, we’ll put our best fighter against your best fighters. Who ever comes out victorious takes the prize. It doesn’t even have to be fighting. Its just the example I’m using, because humans love to see pain. Few of them actually like to be on the receiving end of that pain, though. The ones who enjoy it are usually the ones already damaged beyond belief and they can usually take it. 

lost my fuel, may continue later